Dawn’s Homestead Happenings is dedicated to documenting our lives and the work of our hands as we journey to a simpler way of life.

Currently, we (Greg, Dawn, Allie, and Elisabeth) live in a suburban neighborhood in the Midwest.  Our hope is to eventually transition to a rural Homestead where we can better live our agrarian dream.

Our journey began several years ago after beginning to better understand how toxic our food, and environment have become.  Getting back to the “earth” and the way God designed it and our bodies, seemed to be a logical journey for us to travel.  We are starting small and making gradual changes that we know will be better for our health, our family, our environment, and our children’s futures.

This path includes not only organic gardening, but also rethinking how we use the materials we have and developing creative uses for them.  And will hopefully lead us to a place where we can support our way of life without dependence on corporate America.  You can visit our store at www.HomesteadHandiworks.Etsy.com to see some of our handcrafted creations and re-creations.

Please join the journey with us.  It is our hope that what you see here might prompt you to make even minor changes that will result in a better life for all.

By subscribing to our blog, you will receive an e-mail notification when I make a new post or update to this site.  Please feel free to ask questions or make comments.  This is a learning process for us, and we will share what we know as well as treasure the things we learn.


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