Technology is the BOMB!

We have all experienced it – that sense of elation when technology does something amazing.  Maybe it was the first glimpse of recording your own movies or seeing television in 3-D.  Perhaps it was new medical technology that saved the life of a premature baby.  It could be something as simple as paying your bills on line.  But with the wonders that exist from the technology that surrounds us, I have to say it’s the BOMB!

Unfortunately, Murphy’s Law works in the world of technology just like everywhere else.  “If anything can go wrong, it will – at the worst possible time.”  Yep, the camera quits when you are taking the award-winning candid.  The digital cable goes out in the final minute of the championship game.  The ATM keeps your card because you pushed the wrong button one too many times. The netbook dies in the middle of writing the next blog.  (This last one is the reason I haven’t posted a new blog in a few days.)  Again, technology is the BOMB!

Two equal and opposite sides to a very real phenomena that proves the old saying, “You can’t live with it and you can’t live without it.”

Since I replaced my dilapidated machine last night, it is my hope that I will truly feel that my new netbook is the BOMB!


About homesteadhandiworks

Lover of Truth. Married to Greg 11 happy years. SAHM. Home Educator. Awe-inspired by the gift of Creation. Beginning the journey to self-sustaining, self-sufficient, organic, living in my own backyard.
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