Drama presentation

Last  night was the “Presentation” by all of the campers who attended the Arts Day Camp at St. Joe United Methodist Church here in Fort Wayne. After a week of days filled with various forms of art projects, music, drama, dance, and creative writing, they put together a collective to present to the parents.

It was quite fun to see all the little people on the stage trying to put their best foot forward. Of course, it was obvious who were extroverts, and who were introverts, as well as everyone in between.

As is the current “norm”, cell phones rather than cameras were clicking pic’s at a rapid pace, and the slightest bit of effort from the children brought excited applause from smiling family and friends. Parents are sooo funny! (Not just about their own children either, but also about littles in general.)

The funny thing is that these children don’t even realize the monumental gift they were given tonight. They received praise for a job well done. They were given an opportunity to express themselves in new ways without criticism. They received affirmation for trying something new and outside of their comfort zones. They received the gift of encouragement that will allow them to take the next step and try the next new thing without fear. And that process will eventually enable them to soar!

So to Miss Peggy, the staff and volunteers, and the parents, “Great Job! You were a blessing to a large group of children this week.” To the children who participated (including my Allie), “Congratulations! You worked hard and it paid off. Remember that people believe in your abilities, and we can’t wait to see where you go next!”


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