Fewer things in life bring as much pleasure as relaxing in a swing. The gentle back and forth sway let the cares of life just flow away. Maybe that’s why children do “happy” so much better than adults.

Earlier this summer, Allie decided she was going to make a hammock for the tree in our back yard. She was a very determined young lady. She worked over two hours to turn that old sheet into a hammock that would support her weight. Her testing gave her multiple falls, but she stuck with it. She finally found a way to make it work. Then came the fun part. Just-A-Swingin’

All of the children from the neighborhood came to join in the fun. For three or four weeks, the hammock was the neighborhood place to be. Then the unthinkable happened. The old sheet that had been hanging in the elements succumbed to the weight of a teenager and ripped in half. The disappointment was felt throughout the neighborhood.

Greg and I discussed it and decided an old-fashioned hammock and tree swing were far superior to the manufactured monstrosity of a swing set for which we had paid so handsomely. It was after Father’s Day, so I was able to find a nice hammock on clearance. Then Greg took one of the swings from the rusting swing set (which will soon be recycled) and made a tree swing from it. Both the hammock and the swing hang from branches on the same tree. And our backyard has once again become the neighborhood meeting place. The hammock and the swing are a central feature and a delight to all.  Yes, we have new dirt patches where little feet have worn away the grass, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The children swing daily. Sometimes the swings are used by “pioneers on the prairie“, or “dreamers” who sway idly back and forth. Sometimes the swings are reading hideaways, circus or fairy garden swings. One thing is sure, the hammock and tree swing have allowed young imaginations to soar beyond anything afforded by the “store-bought variety. And imaginings are the beginnings of great memories. I am sure that one day our girls will look back with fond remembrances of their summers spent Just-A-Swingin’.


About homesteadhandiworks

Lover of Truth. Married to Greg 11 happy years. SAHM. Home Educator. Awe-inspired by the gift of Creation. Beginning the journey to self-sustaining, self-sufficient, organic, living in my own backyard.
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